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Fostering Student Accountability Through Student-Led Conferences

This resource is a true practitioner’s guide, providing everything you need to implement this powerful practice.

Book Review on MiddleWeb

“Patti Kinney’s helpful book gives teachers practical, realistic, and research based ideas for making the shift from the traditional parent-teacher conference into student led conferences without sugar coating the process. At the same time, it offers a great deal of encouragement and will leave most teachers feeling like they too can ‘Make it Work.'”

Voices of Experience: Perspectives from Successful Middle Level Leaders

Co-authored with Sue Swaim.

Read this new leadership book and “listen” in on a conversation between two successful veteran school leaders, Sue Swaim and Patti Kinney. Sometimes funny, often poignant, but always wise and deeply personal, this book describes how two real principals make good things happen in real schools.

Voices of Experience Book Cover

What Why How Book Cover

Professional Development Kit

Co-authored with Jack Berckemeyer.
Student-led conferences have been billed as “the biggest breakthrough in communicating about student achievement in the last century.” And this resource provides everything a team or a faculty needs to engage in a practical, professional development study. The seven modules contain 20 tasks that will carry participants through the steps needed to understand and initiate what is coming to be regarded as an essential feature of a high-performing middle school.